Connect with those around you through music

Culture on here enables you to be open and outgoing, easily


You will only see the 5% of people on here that are like you.

Some of the biggest opportunities for a social engagement app lie in its culture.

That's what makes this special, and why we started it.  

All the people that you're seeing share something largely in common with you, being your taste in music.  More than that, their personality traits mesh, etc.  So you don't have to act "cool" or in any way to make people react more nicely to you.  Start talking just like how you would in real life.  The person on the other end is likely to react positively. It’s all you being you.


(A short version of) the story behind it

The platform was conceived in October 2015 as Nick Caputo was still in school at Augustana College.  

Going to a small school, you had to be in a 'clique' in order to really introduce yourself to people at social functions, and the app was conceived as a way to break the ice. Moving to Chicago, the social pool size went from small to exceedingly large, and it evolved to use the same method, in formal networking events.

Showing you the specific people around you that you'd speak and work easily with, that's where we come in.

The platform is always changing, so contact us with suggestions, ask us to unlock your city, or talk about anything.



(made with love in Chicago, USA)